What’s new for 2012? The bridal shows are winding up and new looks are beginning to emerge for the spring season. The Sedona Bridal Boot Camp was a great success. We saw some wonderful newly engaged couples beginning to plan their weddings. I spoke to brides about some of the trends I have been seeing and talked about couple’s incorporating their own interests and personalities into their wedding. Making choices with the confidence that you are comfortable with will lead to an authentic and beautiful day.

Gowns: Designers are creating and brides are wearing gowns with sleeves, not only long but capped, or with little bolero’s. Lace is strong and soft colored gowns are a growing trend. There is a return to elegance with a hint of the past.

Photo 1 elie saab

Photo 2 Monique Lhuillier

Photo 3 Touch of Color

Table Design: Here is a great place to infuse your style and personalities. Choose specialty linens in your color pallet. Or if there are budget constraints you can always go with your venues standard linen and add a beautiful runner. Add pieces to your table from your own collections. Bare wood tables and estate seating is very popular. You can forgo the linen and go bare or use a runner. Add a pop of color with a beautiful napkin.

Photos: Pinterest

Vintage: There is much debate on vintage being in or out.  I have brides that love the vintage look and I love incorporating vintage elements in weddings.I think a wedding can pull inspiration from an era or style without being too literal or theme-y, don’t you?

Photos: Pinterest

Cakes: The wedding cake is here to stay, but oh the spin on it. In are beautiful hand painted cakes. The dessert bars are also popular, giving your guests wonderful assortments of sweets. And the cupcake is getting very fancy.

Photos: Pinterest

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