Paisley Quill-True Love of Design

I was so thrilled and surprised to receive in the mail a gorgeous presentation of invitation samples from Molly Myers at Paisley Quill.

I have followed the Paisley Quill blog for some time and love their sense of beautiful design.

Having the invitation suites in my hands was heaven for a design and paper lover like me. It is hard to imagine unless you see and feel them how wonderful they truly are.

Choose from custom wedding suites or from Paisley’s ink well collection of ready made invitations. You will love the luxury and quality of these invitations.

My favorites below are from a Hindu/Christian Wedding. The collection is elaborate in detail and embedded with tiny red and gold jewels. See more about the details here.

closeup copyenvelope


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One Response to Paisley Quill-True Love of Design

  1. Kevin says:

    I too have always loved paper! The Mehndi designs are beautiful and classic. The combining of the two religions is wonderful and the colors are beautiful.
    Thank you for the post!